DATE: 2020-11-26
Common applications of power transmission components stay within the range of human activities. But there is actually an equally important area around us that we often overlook but is the so-called harsh environment application. The harsh environment includes extreme temperature, pressure, pH, humidity... etc. It may come from extreme weather such as the Arctic, volcanoes, or space; it may also come from special storage, processing or experimental requirements. Extreme temperature is a very common one.

The industry's conventional operating temperature of planetary gearboxes is within -10 to +90°C. Generally, when the operating temperature is lower than -20°C, the gearboxes design needs to be adjusted and related components, such as lubricant, bearings and seals, must be replaced. The designers also need to face the problems that derived from low temperature, such as starting torque, liquid crystallization, cold brittleness of seals and metals, etc.

Sesame Motor products are sold all over the world. In addition to the traditional automation and machine tool fields, our customers also bring our products to industries with extreme conditions such as food, medicine, warehousing, military industry, forestry, aerospace, agriculture and fisheries... Sesame Motor products can be seen in high or low altitude, underwater or in the sky, long-term high or low temperature environment. Customers' trust and reliance on the Sesame enables us to challenge the limits of design time and time again and complete tasks. Nowadays, these harsh environment requirements have become optional items of Sesame products. As long as you provide your conditions of use, we all have solutions that can respond immediately.

Sesame Motor continues to be customer-oriented, becoming a leader of technology, not just the manufacturer of products. Welcome to contact us at any time to discuss the latest and successful applications.